Welcome to Stephanie Perrin’s Blog

When blogging first became the rage, I never really thought it was something I would do.  I recall even referring to it as “narcissism on steroids”, as people talked about what they were eating for breakfast and how bad traffic was, I did wonder who had time for this with a wonderful world on their doorsteps to explore.

So I start this blog with some trepidation.  You should be out smelling the roses, as they are in bloom here in Canada right now.  But if you care about an old curmudgeon’s thoughts on privacy and civil liberties, which will be for the most part what I plan to blog about, read on.

My first official blog is on my dissenting views on the Expert Working Group’s report on replacing the WHOIS, or https://community.icann.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=40175189.  As the lone privacy expert on that working group, I reluctantly reached the conclusion that I was duty bound to dissent from the majority view.  I hope that my reasoning is clear, and that those who care about these rather arcane issues will comment.